Products & Services


Every year our farming operation produces up to 10,000 tons of hay. We offer grass hay, alfalfa hay and grass/alfalfa mixtures.


Our Black Angus (cow and calf) beef cattle operation produces between 800 and 1,000 heifers and steers each year. We breed our cows in spring and market their previous year offspring in late fall and winter. R.N. Fulstone Company’s beef operation is Verified Natural, Non-Hormone treated, Source & Age certified, which means we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Should an animal need antibiotics due to sickness, it is kept separate, tagged appropriately and processed away from our Verified Natural cattle. Our heifers and steers are usually consigned for sale in the months of December and January on Wester Video Market.

Custom Farming and Haying

R.N. Fulstone Company offers custom farming and haying services to local clients. Our services include all aspects of cultivating new crops as well as cutting, baling and hauling of hay. With our hay squeeze, we also offer hay loading services for local farmers and hay trucking companies.